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We are an IT Team of digital nomads living in the cloud, sometimes in space.
We build digital products to boost your business.

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About Our Company

B2B Vendor Software Developer

Astrocode Indonesia founded at 2017.

The ICT industry is always evolving with new challenges every year. Many companies that adopt comprehensive digitalization in service operations will grow exponentially with customer satisfaction and will continues their valuation. Tell us about the problems in your company, we will solve on design, development, production and operation of digital products.

Led by our youthful energy, our passion and our perseverance is as much a concern for your company. We launch a digital rocket solution to improve our partners' business operations. In the end, it doesn't matter about us, the only we care is all about your business. Some of our satisfied client are public or private company, government, and state-owned corporation

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Services We Offer

Innovative Solutions

We are ready to build your digital transformation initiative. Blend your idea with our technical approach to reach efficiency in your business. Together, we build innovative solutions.

Software Development

Building all platform software development. Even if you need cross-platform integration. Our Engineering Teams will perform the best for your projects or products.

Data Analytics

Data is a new Oil. We build digital dashboards to visualize your data with an analytical approach to get insight from your business operation. It can help you to make a decision based on data-driven.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile applications can help your customers achieve satisfaction with your services in their daily lives. There are currently 2 largest mobile platforms. Together, we build mobile apps on the Android and iOS platforms.
We made it with heart.

Web Apps & Backend API

The web is a basic need for digital transformation needed to run a business for office purposes. From simple things like company profiles to complex back-office and ERP implementations. To build an integrated platform required technical maturity to scale up. We serve it to you

Games & AR/VR Simulation

A wise man once said, "Life is just a game". But we are serious about developing games, from arcade games, AR/VR simulation, and also Gamification for marketing. We are happy to serve the creative game industry cooperation with you.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some reasons why choosing us.

Besides being supported by the best graduate experts, competent and certified. We also always pay attention to the business efficiency aspect of your company, therefore we are proud to present the best work with you.

  • Managed IT Service
  • Solving Business Problems
  • Agile Best Practice Team
  • Cloud Native Services
  • Certified Developer
  • Highly Educated Team
Solutions Projects

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Help of the following FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Fee to Build Full-Apps Solutions (Web & Mobile Apps)?

    Building cross-platform integrated solutions is a long-term development that can be achieved through several milestones. We can work together on long-term contracts or sold-flat contracts. on long-term contracts we prioritize the presence of partners to make decisions and invoices will be included after each milestone is met. We can only estimate the price according to the detailed specifications that have been requested. Please contact us for further discussion.

  • Our Company Need to Cut Off Expense on Operation, Any Solutions ?

    Companies that invest funds for digital transformation can increase customer satisfaction with each service. Through digital solutions, it is hoped that there will be efficiency in the budget issued by the company because it cuts several processes that require longer time and can slow down business processes.

  • Can Data Analytics Save Company in Future Decisions ?

    As already mentioned in the services segment, data is the new oil. This indicates how important data is in taking corporate actions. We also provide Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Infrastructure development services to meet the needs of industry 4.0. With the help of intelligent computing, the industry does not need to be afraid to face wrong decisions because it has received enlightenment from expert engineers and smart agents.

  • Can Games be a Digital Marketing Tool ?

    Of course games can be a powerful marketing tool, it is proven that several successful startups in Indonesia have implemented this by carrying out the concept of gamification. Each customer usually plays the game in the provider's application and gets a loyalty program in the form of points that can be used for shopping (discounts).

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